Invitation for Interview with Black Block of Iran


Dear Friends This is an invitation by Black Block of Iran for a written interview, with the purpose of

A- Verifying the status of anarchist movement in the world, sharing experiences, knowledge of our capabilities and mutual cooperation

B- For the purpose of making progress in anarchist movement in its global form

C- To translate our literature in each other’s languages and publications

D- Publication of anarchist world news in different languages

Here are the questions


What do you think about anarchist movement in its global form, in which level they are and how do you see the future of anarchism


When was your starting point, when did you start to work? or What is the history of your group or organisation? Under what name are you known? What activities have you had so far? What media possibility do you have in term of advertising and knowing yourself to the public


 How many anarchist group in anarchist movement are existing there and how well is your movement going


With which other anarchist groups in different countries are you in contact


  In which countries do you think anarchism made a better progress? Where (which countries) do you think they have been more presented regarding political, social and cultural activities


What has been the impact of your movement and resistance in the country you live


With which Middle Eastern countries are you in contact


  How much do you know about anarchists movement in Iran, Afghanistan and Middle East in general


  What difficulties and limitation are you facing in your country? What about repression and imprisoning


 Do you think the tendency to anarchism in your country, as well as other countries in the world, in the recent years has been decreased or increased


۱۱-Please tell us about the history of anarchism in your country


 How can we collaborate


 Do you follow the pattern (platform) of International Anarchist Activity or due to especial political situation in your country you have your own style and other way to operate


  Is there such a thing as the anarchist movement in your country or there has not been any anarchist movement yet


What do you think about the “Spanish Civil War” and the “Cronstadt rebellion” and how do you analysis these two important historical events as the anarchist movement? Also what is your opinion about any other important historical movement in which anarchists played a magnificent role


What is the specification of a anarchist society


 Please explain the current political situation


 Is there anything else you would like to tell us? However if any further question has been raised by your or our audiences, we welcome it in our next interview


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